What Is Our Mission?

In separate conversations recently, two people from our congregation have said the same thing to me. They were describing conversations that they were having with people who Puzzle_circledid not know the Lord. They both made the same comment:

“I was sharing the Gospel with them, before I even realized it!”

They were both stunned at how naturally they had begun to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, without making some attempt to force the conversation in this way.

I believe there are many more people who could testify to this same experience. But how is this possible? And how can we make this a continuing experience? Luke 24:44-49 helps to explain this.

The Risen Lord of the disciples sat before them, calmly eating a piece of fish and some honeycomb. They couldn’t believe their eyes; they didn’t believe “for joy.” It was as if their eyes and their ears were “pulling their legs!” puzzle_geo

But there was an important meaning behind this miracle — the most important message in the history of the world. Jesus Christ, The Savior of the world, proceeded to explain to His disciples how the Gospel of Grace (Acts 20:24) was the golden key to understanding the Word of Grace: the Scriptures (Acts 20:32). In this message, we will explore our Lord’s teaching in 3 life-giving phases. Click here to listen to this message.