What Did Jesus Say?

Is Jesus divine?

Is He God Incarnate?

What_Did_He_Say_What did Jesus say to answer this question?

In this message, we study the tactics of those who hated Jesus. They did everything they could to find Him guilty. In their wicked thinking, He was guilty of one thing, and for that they put Him to death.




Guilty of God’s Glory

This was judicial murder

A high class lynching mob

They hated Him intently

The spotless Lamb of God

They could not find true witness

To cause our Lord to fall

But hatefully pursued Him

God’s Perfect Lamb for all

They could not find Him guilty

But through one single thing:

His faithful, true confession

He is God’s Mighty King

God’s Perfect Lamb was “guilty”

Of glory! Son of Man!

“Guilty” of God’s Glory!

God’s Perfect, Royal Lamb

He, who died, would rise to reign

God’s matchless, slaughtered Lamb

And He will come in power

The Lamb, the Great “I am!”

Oh come and let us worship

God’s sinless, spotless Lamb

He’s worthy of all glory

My God, the Christ, God’s Man

— Gordon Dickson 02/16/14 based on Mark 14:53-64

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