To The Parent of a Dying Child

When the anxious man saw Jesus, he rushed to Him and fell at His feet. Desperate, the grieving father could only choke out the words:

“Come. . .and. . . because. . .”

Sometimes your heart is so full of grief, so frightened by your fears, that words begin to fail you. In the agony of his soul, this man fell at the feet of Jesus, longing for an answer to his agony: his precious child was dying.

Have you found yourself here? Your mind hospital roomraces with crowded thoughts. You can’t even think of what so say, or how to pray, or what to ask. You are desperate but full of despair.

When this time comes for you, here are 7 footsteps of faith to win the battle over those frantic fears. You can win this battle, but only by faith in Jesus Christ. Take these 7 steps:

7 Footsteps of Faith in Mark 5

1. By faith, you can to go Jesus with even your most desperate pleas and He will hear you. (21-24)


2. By faith, you can learn to watch how Jesus gives answers to others. (25-34)


3. By faith, you can learn to trust Jesus as others have trusted Him. (25-34)


4. By faith, you can face discouragement, even from well-meaning people. (35)


5. By faith, you can trust the very words of Jesus. (36) (To show you what not to do and what to do)


6. By faith, you can trust Jesus, when others mock Him. (40)


7. By faith, you can watch the Lord Jesus do what no one else can do. (37-43)