The Search for Purpose in the Universe

This Sunday evening, The Privileged Planet, will be shown at Calvary Baptist Church at 6 p.m.

This is a fascinating, scientific description of our universe from a startling perspective.

This is an Illustra Media production.


From the website

The Search for Purpose in the Universe

Many scientists and philosophers have claimed that Earth is an ordinary speck of dust adrift, without purpose or significance, in a vast cosmic sea. Yet current astronomical evidence seems to suggest just the opposite. We now know that a rare and finely-tuned array of factors makes Earth suitable for complex life.

Through stunning computer animation, interviews with leading scientists, and spectacular images of Earth and the cosmos The Privileged Planet explores a startling connection between our capacity to survive and our ability to observe and understand the universe. Is this correlation merely a coincidence? Or does it point to a deeper truth about purpose and intelligent design within the cosmos?

Narrated by John Rhys-Davies (The Lord of the Rings).