A Son Is Given

“A Son Is Given” Isaiah 9:6 As we approach the Christmas holidays, I would like to invite you to use this message as part of a “Christmas present.” By that I mean learning what Christmas means to us at present. Picture it this way: God’s glorious Gift has been wrapped up with a number of […]

Who Will End the Violence?

Who Will End the Violence? Isaiah 9:4-6 These days, our headlines are full of violence. There have been a number of news items about domestic strife and race-based violence. On the international scene, we read of ongoing brutality by Islamic terrorists. The question on many of our minds is this: Who will stop the violence? As […]

Praying in Times of Terror

How should we respond to times of terror? As we approach September 11, that day of infamy, we ought to return to the Scripture to learn how to respond to terror. This message was delivered on Sunday morning, September 7, 2014. To listen to this message, click here.