Seasons of Prevailing Prayer

in Daniel chapters 9 & 10

Here at Calvary, we have been searching for ways to put Biblical prophecies to work in our daily living. Under the theme, “Wait for It” (from Habakkuk 2:3), we have been looking for answers to a basic question: Since Biblical prophecy is true, what should we do? You can listen to the messages in this […]

The Shepherds’ Joy in Bethlehem

  The Shepherds’ Joy in Bethlehem   Who has believed our true report? The Lord alone can tell But Doctor Luke wrote down our words About “Immanuel.” Out in the dark, we watched our sheep (for wolves are sure to lurk when ewes are giving birth alone) So shepherds watch and work   Then late […]

A Son Is Given

“A Son Is Given” Isaiah 9:6 As we approach the Christmas holidays, I would like to invite you to use this message as part of a “Christmas present.” By that I mean learning what Christmas means to us at present. Picture it this way: God’s glorious Gift has been wrapped up with a number of […]

How Can Your Life Have Real Meaning?

What is the meaning of life? Why is there so much talk about excellence but such a feeling of emptiness? The empty victory of endless vanity plagues our society. What is life really all about? To really understand this question, you have to come to the greatest intersection in life. What is it? It is […]

Jewish Witnesses for Christ

In the message on recent Sunday evening, I alluded to a wonderful collection of testimonies from Jewish believers. “Some Jewish Witnesses for Christ” by Rev. A. Bernstein The links to this book are below. The links will direct you to the Google Book, the public domain copy in the Gutenberg project, and a copy in […]

What Is Our Mission?

In separate conversations recently, two people from our congregation have said the same thing to me. They were describing conversations that they were having with people who did not know the Lord. They both made the same comment: “I was sharing the Gospel with them, before I even realized it!” They were both stunned at […]

The Lord of the “Letdowns”

Did Jesus ever experience “letdowns?” Since He was tested the same way that we are (Hebrews 4:15), we know that Jesus had to deal with disappointments, frustrations, and “letdowns.” As we learned in a recent message, one of the biggest “letdowns” had to be the Triumphal Entry. Prophecies from Daniel 9 and Zechariah 9 were […]

What If The Lord Told You Not To Pray?

  The Test for a Prayer Warrior How would you respond if God told you to leave Him alone and stop praying? Seriously, if you knew that the Lord had said this, would you do it? Your first thought might be, “but I need His blessing, so I will keep praying.” So, let’s pose the […]

To The Parent of a Dying Child

When the anxious man saw Jesus, he rushed to Him and fell at His feet. Desperate, the grieving father could only choke out the words: “Come. . .and. . . because. . .” Sometimes your heart is so full of grief, so frightened by your fears, that words begin to fail you. In the agony […]