“Seen of Angels”

Here is part of the Mystery of Christmas.

When theangels with shepherds Apostle Paul marveled over the mystery of godliness in 1 Timothy 3:15-16, one of the things that he included was that Jesus — the Almighty God who was revealed in the flesh, and confirmed by the Spirit of God to be God’s Promised One — was “seen of angels.”



Seen of Angels

1 Timothy 3:16

Angels have seen Him, the Eternal Son

Yes, there before humankind had begun

Oh, how they marveled at their Matchless Lord

Watching Him: studied the Eternal Word

They saw the King as He lay on the hay

Daylight’s Creator enjoying the day

Promise of ages, with hope to refresh

Almighty God, there revealed in the flesh

One had told Joseph: this blessing for men

Jesus had come to save people from sin

They told the shepherds the glory they saw

Praising their Lord and rejoicing with awe

Think how they worshipped the dear woman’s Seed

Watching His mother take care of His needs

God in the Highest, yet humble and meek

They saw the Mighty God, hungry and weak

They saw Him fasting! The great Bread of life!

Prince of Peace taunted by anger and strife:

Angels saw men as they tortured with rage

Jesus was paying our blackest sin’s wage

They saw the Blessed One taking our curse

They heard the slander the liars rehearsed

They saw the Lord of life, dying for us

Writhing in agony and deep distress

They saw the Lord of life, lifeless in gloom

Angels saw Him rising up from the tomb!

They saw Him risen, appearing to men

Angels saw Him rise to heaven again

(And what do they see Jesus doing today?)

Now angels see Him at work in this world

Helping us through fiery darts that are hurled

This is the church of the great Living God

Preaching salvation to nations abroad

Angels see Gentiles who come to the Light

Angels see those who were crooked made right

Christmas? Oh, think of what angels have seen

More, yes, much more than nativity scenes

  • Gordon Dickson 12/11/14