5 Big Mistakes Leaders Make

5 Mistakes Leaders Make_Fear

How do you face fears and frustrations? FEAR is an unpleasant, negative emotion brought about by the belief that someone or something is threatening, dangerous, likely to cause pain. FRUSTRATION is the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially when one feels unable to change or achieve something. Fear can destroy you and lead others to destruction. For instance, watch what happens when the spies in Numbers chapters 13 and 14 “ramp up their fears” and set aside their faith.

Here are 5 big mistakes that leaders make:

1. Focusing on “gigantic” problems and your inability
2. Exaggerating your fears to “prove your point”
3. Filling the hearts of others with grief and griping
4. Disguising your real problem with forcefulness
5. Guiding others into despair and destruction

Listen to this two-part series from the Book of Numbers. Here we learn how to confront our fears and frustrations in order to seek God’s blessings.

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