Family Camp

June 20 – 24 TIME: 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Guest Speaker, Pastor Jason Knight Get ready! Here it comes! Family Camp will soon be in session here at Calvary. Each evening, weather permitting, we will have special activities for all ages on the back parking lot and soccer field. Then, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and […]

The Search for Purpose in the Universe

This Sunday evening, The Privileged Planet, will be shown at Calvary Baptist Church at 6 p.m. This is a fascinating, scientific description of our universe from a startling perspective. This is an Illustra Media production. _______________________ From the website The Search for Purpose in the Universe Many scientists and philosophers have claimed that Earth is […]

Free Financial Seminar

Are You on the Right Track Financially? How can I keep out of credit card debt? How much should I have in savings? How do I know what insurance I need? What is the best way to save for retirement? What about Wills & Living Revocable Trusts? Here’s help! read more… Saturday, November 6, 2010 […]

This Is My Story: Laura Lindwall

During Sunday school in that Bible church, I learned for the first time that my soul, as a sinner, would go to hell when I died, for the “wages of sin is death.” I knew in my eight-year-old heart that it was the truth.

This Is My Story: Bill Logan

In November 2007, my world crumbled… The doctor told me that I had Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow. How could this be? I was physically active, reasonably athletic and fairly strong. Since I had seen my sister die from this very same cancer some ten years earlier, I thought that in a […]

This Is My Story: Mary Haley

Mary Haley The neighbor had seen him run the same stop sign many times. One evening as usual the farmer was drunk and as usual he ran the stop sign, but this time there was a car approaching with a mother, a father, and two young children inside. I am that mother, and this is my […]

Heart Conference Workshop

In one of my workshops at Heart conference, the participants asked if I could make the devotional journal sheets available. If you will click the link below, you can download them here: How_To_Use_Your_Bible_Devotional_Journal Sincerely, Gordon Dickson

The Gifts of Christ

Spiritual Gifts, Ephesians 4:7 In the Sunday morning message on February 15, we will carefully consider that fact that every believer receives ministry abilities (called “spiritual gifts”). If you would like to study these spiritual gifts more carefully, here is a very good and thorough study of the matter. (Click here.) Several sites on the […]