God Is Able

In this glorious doxology (an expression of consummate praise to God), the Apostle Paul expressed the simple, yet profound premise that “God is Able!” As I tried to demonstrate in this message, every true believer must begin with this simple, powerful concept. Click here to listen to this message. Here is the message outline with […]

The Honey Homily

Sufficient Sweetness That’s right. This is a sermon about “sufficient sweetness.” What do you do when your body sends you the “full” signal? Keep right on eating or call a halt? Part of the problem is that we have come to think of eating as a way to be entertained. Now it is clear in […]

American Idol: Food?!?

Do you have idols? You probably don’t have an idol in your backyard. You don’t gather your children around and bow down to a statute or picture, do you? It would be easy for you to conclude that you don’t practice idolatry. But what if idols are much more subtle than that? What if idolatry […]

The Hittite Puzzle

Here is a puzzle for you: Before you stand a big Hittite and a little Hittite. The little Hittite is the big Hittite’s son, but the big Hittite is not the little Hittite’s father. Who is the big Hittite?

American Idol: Food?!? Part 2

In 1 John 5:21, we learn that it is necessary for you to keep yourself from idols. This raises two fundamental questions: 1. How do you recognize an idol? That question was answered in the audio link posted yesterday in “American Idol: Food?!?” Part 1 2. How do you resist idolatry? That question is answered […]

This is Amazing!

I just talked to Pastor Rick Arrowood on the phone a few minutes ago. He is a “fellow-struggler” with all of us. To date, he has lost 115 pounds (and counting.) Our meeting on Wednesday, January 30 at 7 p.m. will be the first time that Pastor Rick has told this fascinating story in a […]