When It Comes to Giving. . .

When it comes to giving, we know that “God is able.” This is a great starting point to start planning your giving — and planning many other areas of your life. Here are three important principles to remember from 2 Corinthians 9:6-9: Think about GOD’S HARVESTGive with proportions in mind. 6Think about GOD’S HEARTGive with […]

Praying in Times of Terror

How should we respond to times of terror? As we approach September 11, that day of infamy, we ought to return to the Scripture to learn how to respond to terror. This message was delivered on Sunday morning, September 7, 2014. To listen to this message, click here.  

Special Meetings Audio 4

The Friday evening message by Aaron Coffey and two Sunday morning messages by Bill Coffey   Click here for Special Meetings Audio 1 Click here for Special Meetings Audio 2 Click here for Special Meetings Audio 3

ANSWERS for life’s most pressing problems

  The Coffey Team will be ministering to us Sunday to Sunday March 23-30. Please click here for a schedule of all the services.                 The team’s ministry will feature special events that you won’t want to miss:   Children’s Meetings:”The Secret Keepers” featuring The Underground Church   […]

The Greatest Escape

Do you ever wish that you could escape from all your troubles? In Psalm 55, David expressed his wish for the wings of a dove so that he could fly away (v.6-7). On that occasion, the terrors of death possessed David’s fearful, trembling heart (vs. 4-5). In anguish of soul, he wrestled with betrayal by […]

The Wilds Ministry Team

  We are looking forward to the ministry of The Wilds Ministry Team! Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 19 They will be conducting special activity for teens from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. and conducting our 7:00 p.m. service.  

Why Are You So Sad?

Seriously, why are you so sad? In this message, we look at two very discouraged men. They were really “down.” But by the end of the story, their sadness was ended, and they were filled with joy. How did it happen? Could this happen to you? Listen to this message here.