The Wilds NE Team

One of our mission teams from Calvary Baptist Church is serving at The Wilds of New England this week, building a fence to assist in the ministry there. Click here for more pictures from our trip. Friday Mid-day update: The new fence is completed (and landscaped!) Thursday afternoon update: The fence is now complete. Gates […]

Dispatches from the Front

On Sunday evening, April 15 at 6 p.m., we will be showing the newest video in the Dispatches from the Front series: Episode 5, “Father Give Me Bread.” This series has motivated our congregation to take a bold, new look at Great Commission work all over the globe. The public is invited, and nurseries are […]

Proverbs 20 on Social Networking

Here are a few random thoughts about the use of social networking. In Ecclesiastes, Solomon reminds us that “there is nothing new under the sun,” so consider these thoughts from Proverbs 20 as they relate to social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Enjoying conflict? Fools meddle to keep strife alive. 3 It is an honor for […]

With Christ in This New Year

In this New Year, each Christian faces at least two powerful adversaries: Pride and The Devil. How should we confront these enemies? Peter — the failure who wasn’t finished — explained how to be victorious over both of them. He explains this in 1 Peter 5:5-10. The good news is that the God of all […]

Glimpses of Calvary

Right now, on our Glimpses of Calvary website: You can read Escape! the true story of how one of our members escaped from armed kidnappers. * Find the answer to this question: “Which sin cannot be forgiven?” * Learn how to find “Freedom from Fear.” * Answer The Most Important Question You Will Ever Answer […]


“Living for Others’ Victory for Eternity!” That is what the LOVE of Jesus Christ means for every one of us. In the audio message recorded here we will examine Ephesians 3:19. This is part of the magnificent prayer of Paul which he prayed for all of the believers at Ephesus. It can apply to every […]

History of MGMI

A BRIEF HISTORY OF MGM INTERNATIONAL AND THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH By Dr. Richard L. Mercado from the MGMI History page The man who was left for dead The history of MGM International begins with the story of its founder, Leonardo S. Mercado. Leonardo’s father, Gumecindo Mercado, emigrated with his family from Mexico City to northern […]