Reading Your Bible

In this new year, I want to encourage you to read your Bible through, so that you can grasp the whole counsel of God. With this goal in mind, I would encourage you to read through this sermon by C.H. Spurgeon. We all think that we understand what it means to “read the Bible,” but […]

Psalm 123, The Fourth Song of Ascent

The Psalms of Ascent are sometimes called the Songs of Degrees. Psalms 120 – 134 were used as the “caravan songs” of the travelers who journeyed to annual feasts in Jerusalem. As you read Psalm 120, you see that the Psalmist declares that he dwells among those that hate peace. Picture this group of holiday […]

Summer Missions & Ministries

This summer several of the members of Calvary Baptist Church will be participating in summer missions trips. Please click on the world map below to get updates on these trips. We will be taking missions trips to share the Gospel, the Good News of Christ, in Bangladesh, India, the Philippines, China, Arizona and New Hampshire. […]

Grandview Mission Team, 1

Our Calvary Baptist Church Grandview Mission Team is on the way. They left Findlay at 5:30 am. The team boarded their flight in Detroit on time and they are on their way.   Saturday afternoon update: The team has landed in Aluquerque, NM and is getting ready to get the rental car for the drive […]

Weather Delay: Let’s Talk!

Saturday Afternoon Update: Our fast ferry was canceled due to weather. We are staying overnight in Jagna (pronounced Hagna) and hoping to catch the fast ferry tomorrow. Pray for good weather so we can get there tomorrow. Also pray that we can find rooms here. Saturday Late Afternoon Update: Hello, it is 3:20 in the […]

Mission Trip to Peru, 2013

We are in the planning stages for a mission trip to the jungles of Peru on July 13-21, 2013. This trip is being coordinated by our missionary, Buddy Fitzgerald and Operation Renewed Hope. Watch this post for updates on that trip.   This summer, members of Calvary Baptist Church will be taking missions trips to […]

The Hittite Puzzle

Here is a puzzle for you: Before you stand a big Hittite and a little Hittite. The little Hittite is the big Hittite’s son, but the big Hittite is not the little Hittite’s father. Who is the big Hittite?