God Is Able

In this glorious doxology (an expression of consummate praise to God), the Apostle Paul expressed the simple, yet profound premise that “God is Able!” As I tried to demonstrate in this message, every true believer must begin with this simple, powerful concept. Click here to listen to this message. Here is the message outline with […]

In My Seat

Take a few moments to watch this powerful story of the American Airlines pilot who was supposed to fly Flight 11 on that fateful morning, September 11, 2001 from Boston’s Logan International airport.

Spirit-filled Marriage

Let’s face it. Some marriages are full of misery. Why is that? And how can this change? In this new series entitled, “Spirit-filled Marriage,” Pastor Gordon Dickson will examine marriage from Ephesians chapter 5 and 6. As this first message demonstrates, God is able to work in your marriage in a way that is infinitely […]

The Honey Homily

Sufficient Sweetness That’s right. This is a sermon about “sufficient sweetness.” What do you do when your body sends you the “full” signal? Keep right on eating or call a halt? Part of the problem is that we have come to think of eating as a way to be entertained. Now it is clear in […]

The Peter Series: Radio Programs

Biographical Messages from the Life of the Apostle Peter 22 radio broadcasts (about 15 minutes each) describing the Life of Peter. This interesting series reminds us that “failures aren’t finished.” Click the program (podcast) player to begin. Twenty-two Radio Broadcasts Parts 1, 2 and 3

American Idol: Food?!?

Do you have idols? You probably don’t have an idol in your backyard. You don’t gather your children around and bow down to a statute or picture, do you? It would be easy for you to conclude that you don’t practice idolatry. But what if idols are much more subtle than that? What if idolatry […]

My Advocate

On Sunday morning, August 1, I delivered a message on the Breastplate of Righteousness In that message, I referred to a previous message from Psalm 73 (“Your Glorious Reception”) located here in order to learn how to enjoy God’s Blessings, even when you feel beastly. As part of the message on Sunday morning, I mentioned […]

Proverbs 21 on Social Networking Online

All references are from Proverbs 21 We all think we are right. But check your thoughts by God’s Word for real wisdom. Helpful hint: Ask “what’s right about this?” before you post it. 2 Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: But the LORD ponders the hearts. Want to get rich […]