What If The Lord Told You Not To Pray?

  The Test for a Prayer Warrior How would you respond if God told you to leave Him alone and stop praying? Seriously, if you knew that the Lord had said this, would you do it? Your first thought might be, “but I need His blessing, so I will keep praying.” So, let’s pose the […]


Where would you turn in the Scripture when you feel overwhelmed? Click here to listen to this audio message on Psalm 142. Here you will find answers for your discouragements, depression and despair.  

To The Parent of a Dying Child

When the anxious man saw Jesus, he rushed to Him and fell at His feet. Desperate, the grieving father could only choke out the words: “Come. . .and. . . because. . .” Sometimes your heart is so full of grief, so frightened by your fears, that words begin to fail you. In the agony […]

“Seen of Angels”

Here is part of the Mystery of Christmas. When the Apostle Paul marveled over the mystery of godliness in 1 Timothy 3:15-16, one of the things that he included was that Jesus — the Almighty God who was revealed in the flesh, and confirmed by the Spirit of God to be God’s Promised One — […]

Why Should We Sing for Joy?

What is the source of our joy?

In Isaiah, chapter 12, we find a short expression of the coming joy of Israel. This passage is especially remarkable when you consider the serious problems discussed in Isaiah chapters 1-11. But there in the darkness of sinful problems, we find the Light of Messianic joy: Isaiah 2 reminds us that the Lord will bring […]

What Did Jesus Say?

Is Jesus divine? Is He God Incarnate? What did Jesus say to answer this question? In this message, we study the tactics of those who hated Jesus. They did everything they could to find Him guilty. In their wicked thinking, He was guilty of one thing, and for that they put Him to death. . […]

A Season of Prevailing Prayer

Here are some of the posts in the series, “A Season of Prevailing Prayer” With a Full Heart Prayerless Adultery What If The Lord Told You Not to Pray? The Tears of a Tender Heart A Fountain of Faithful Prayer Praying in Times of Terror (audio)        My Cry to the Lord (audio) God’s Answer May […]

What Is The Gospel?

One of the clearest descriptions of The Gospel is found in the twenty-fourth chapter of the Gospel of Luke. The disciples couldn’t believe their eyes — they could hardly believe the joyous proof of the miracle that stood before them. But Jesus used this joyous occasion to open their understanding of Scripture. He taught them […]