Grandview Mission Team, 3

We are working with five others on this project. The foreman, Roger, owns his own construction company in Greeley, Colorado. He shut it down two years ago to move here and construct this camp. When the project is finished, in probably two more years, his family is moving back to Greeley. It didn’t take long […]

Family Camp

June 20 – 24 TIME: 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Guest Speaker, Pastor Jason Knight Get ready! Here it comes! Family Camp will soon be in session here at Calvary. Each evening, weather permitting, we will have special activities for all ages on the back parking lot and soccer field. Then, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and […]

This Is My Story: Laura Lindwall

During Sunday school in that Bible church, I learned for the first time that my soul, as a sinner, would go to hell when I died, for the “wages of sin is death.” I knew in my eight-year-old heart that it was the truth.